How IBSSMail Provides Privacy and Confidentiality in Professional Work Environments


Complex  v.  Simple

Communication is the backbone of the modern economy due to the numerous roles that it plays. It enables people to exchange ideas and discuss on various subject matters thereby bringing something out of nothing. Technology has helped in improving communication between different parties through the use of digital channels. One of such channels is the use of email.

Every professional work environment (legal, medical, legal, accounting and financial) hold privacy and confidentiality in high esteem. Workplace privacy and confidentialityMost organizations often try to ensure that their vital information are only made known to a selected few so that the information is not misused by unauthorized parties. The use of email is the major means through which information is being disseminated from one medium to another.  It is believed to be more secured than the traditional means of information flow which are associated with data mishandling and mismanagement.

Emails, however, is not fully secured since they can be hacked. Hacking of emails is one of the major fraudulent practices that organizations are battling with since it can cause severe loss to companies and can also soil their reputation. This illegal access and manipulation of email contents can be curbed by embracing advanced email security services. These services help combat these fraudulent practices by preventing theft problems such as malware and anti-spam protection.

Advanced email security services such as biometric technology is presently employed by internet-enabled devices to provide them with the needed security. Biometric email security systems are preferred to antivirus in blocking the illegal access and forwarding of confidential information. For instance, the biometric email communication technology offered by IBSSMail manages legal and biometric identification of the email account holders. The service employs the use of multi-function authentication so that only the intended recipient can view and read the email and its attachments. IBSSMail helps to achieve end to end communication since no third party can have access to the biometrically protected information contained in the email.

The highly secured approach to email security offered by sources like IBSSMail is widely appreciated and used as the best form of security in professional work environments. This can be attributed to the multi-function authentication system employed by such sources. For instance, IBSSMail prevents illegal access to and forwarding of confidential information by using human voice identity, facial recognition as well as real-time legal identification of account holders amongst other technologies. The email accounts can be set up and secured within a short time. This easy-to-use service provided by IBSSMail is also beneficial to those in the financial sector. Advanced email security is employed by financial services companies through biometric, point-to-point encryption. All these can be assessed without any extra set up. In comparison to encryption email, biometric email is far easier to use.

IBSSMail has a 30-day free trial that can be upgraded to multiple different packages offering in full accordance with your email security need. By doing this, you will be able to improve security in your work environment.

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